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Message from Chapter President Patricia Trauth, ASLA

A Busy Year for ASLA/SD

ASLA/SD Seeking Member to Serve as Liaison to AIA COTE

COTE Project Profile: Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and Mission Bay Park – EcoDistrict

ASLA Membership: Be Part of the ONE

Cultivating Support from New Members

Design Professionals Mixer: AIA/ASLA/ASID members at PIRCH

Giving Back to Your Industry

Events Continue to Grow in Popularity

August 1: 2015 Community Grant Application Deadline

Registration Opens for 2014 ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo in Denver

Calling All Volunteers!

L.A.R.E. Review Update

President's Message

Get the Word Out
By Patricia Trauth, ASLA
URS Corporation

Visibility is an issue in our profession that continues to impact us; however, I see the trend changing, and this is why.

Several landscape architects – Vicki Estrada, Nate Magnusson, Ilisa Goldman and I were interviewed by the UT San Diego Online Talk Radio show. We collectively talked about how landscape architects have given back to our community: our yearly ASLA Community Grant Program, the Rethinking Schoolyards Project which explores opportunities for enhancing the quality of schools, and the multitude of non-profit organizations that landscape architects actively participate in and provide leadership. During the interview we also talked about the drought and how landscape architects have taken a leadership role in conservation and sustainability. To listen to our interview, go to

As part of National Landscape Architecture month, we had a select group of ASLA Fellows profile projects that have had a major impact on their careers. The highlight of the evening was having Joe Yamada and his wife, Liz, in attendance and viewing a series of videos on Joe’s life. These videos tell of Joe’s upbringing and include his time in the internment camps during WWII; his education at UC Berkeley, with critiques from Lawrence Halprin, Tommy Church, Garrett Eckbo and Geraldine Scott; and his iconic landscapes throughout the San Diego region. I encourage all of you to view the videos and get the word out about them. They are truly inspirational!

We continue to get the word out about our profession through the fantastic programs we have had the last six months! The Stewardship Committee had a waiting list of people hoping to participate in our Bioswale event in March. The event was very well received across several professions. Due to the outstanding promotional skills of Kathryn Kanaan, VP of Programs, we had the general public paying to attend our lecture by Mark Johnson in April. The list of events is too long to reiterate here, but our biggest social event of the year is coming up: our golf tournament, which is scheduled for August 18. You don’t want to miss this event, and trust me, you don’t need to know how to play golf to have a good time! Get the word out!

After three dry winters in a row, the fire season started unusually early this year, in May, reminding us of how vulnerable we are in San Diego County. The electronic signs along the freeways are heightening the public’s awareness of our drought conditions. We’ve done a great job of conserving water in recent years, but we need to do more. This is a great opportunity for landscape architects to get the word out about sustainability and to utilize appropriate landscape solutions in our designs.

The visibility issue in our profession is all about getting the word out. Don’t wait for someone else to take charge; your mission is to lead, to educate, and to participate, and the time is now.

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A Busy Year for ASLA/SD

Kathryn Kanaan, ASLA, Vice President of Programs/Education

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. ”
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

San Diego has been busy thus far this year.

  • In March we were excited to see some prototype walls of art from Contractors Concrete Interstate that spurred our creative juices and gave us a great way to introduce color into the perimeter of our projects.
  • April showered us with the intricate theories behind the designs of Mark Johnson and CIVITAS. Thank you Mark for a wonderful lecture and for sharing with us what moves you with urban design. We did not stop there. For Landscape Architecture month, we got down and dirty in the Zoro Butterfly Garden at Balboa Park to help retrofit the irrigation system for water conservation, plant water wise plants that host several species of butterflies, and address some problem drainage areas. Thank you to the many volunteers who joined us from
  • In the past few months we learned about Bioremediation with the Stewardship Committee and continued that discussion with a hands on approach to soil types at Agri-Service. We learned about compaction of soils and testing soil infiltration rates with Mary, Julia, and Fran. What an incredible facility and evening full of learning!
  • We are not stopping there. Come join us on July 17 as we view 6 greenroof systems and over a dozen greenwalls at GreenScaped Buildings/Good Earth Plant Company. Learn what works and what does not with the plant material, soils and irrigation.

Our final lecture this year is on September 9 at Balboa Park– Mario Schjetnan of Grupo de Diseno Urbano in Mexico City will take us south of the border for some international design.

Watch for upcoming Eblasts for the events in July and September, and, who knows, we may have more events coming up as well!

If you would like to lend a hand or your thoughts on how we can rock this series this year, please email me at

Bioswales Workshop - May 7

Concrete and Cocktails - March 28

ASLA/SD Seeking member to Serve as Liaison to AIA COTE

By Joy Lyndes, LLA, ASLA, AIA

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Committee on the Environment (COTE) aims to work with local community groups to define, coordinate, and implement projects on a variety of scales to achieve sustainability at the neighborhood level. ASLA San Diego Chapter is looking for a member to serve as the ASLA Liaison to the AIA COTE. It is an opportunity to inform and guide projects and programs and to network with a broad range of professionals including architects, USGBC specialists, community advocates and community leaders.
COTE strives to address the following challenges:

  • Environmental: Water quality/quantity, flooding and drought, transit and land use, energy efficiency, wildlife habitat/wetlands
  • Social: Public spaces, sense of community/place, pedestrian/bicycle options
  • Economic: Revitalization, traffic congestion, transportation

Are you interested in serving as the ASLA Liaison to COTE? If you are, or if you have questions about the committee and the committee’s current projects, please contact Tim Smith at

COTE meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month from 7:30-8:30 a.m. in Little Italy at 949 W. Hawthorn Street, San Diego.

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COTE Project Profile: Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and Mission Bay Park – EcoDistrict

In 2013, COTE coordinated a community town hall with the local Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Mission Bay Park communities. Bob Berkebile, one of the founders of COTE, was the keynote speaker. Approximately 300 members of the community were present, along with the previous Councilmember Faulconer and Congressman Scott Peters. The positive response from the community and political leaders reinforced the COTE commitment to assist communities in achieving sustainability at the neighborhood level. You can view Bob’s presentation at

At the end of 2013, COTE worked with AIA SDAT (Sustainable Design Assessment Team) to perform community outreach, coordinate with stakeholders, and assess and recommend strategies for a more sustainable community. For a copy of the SDAT presentation, visit A copy of the SDAT report can be found at

For information related to community projects and how COTE is assisting with the implementation of ideas presented during the SDAT event, visit

COTE hopes to expand upon already-developed web-based, open-sourced sustainable community documents such as “Sustainable North Park Main Street” a project generated here locally in San Diego. Many issues are similar in other San Diego communities; COTE works to collaborate with both public and private organizations to identify how similar strategies can apply to other neighborhoods within the San Diego region.

For more information about getting involved with COTE, contact Tim Smith at

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ASLA Membership: Be Part of the One

Richard Risner, ASLA, Vice President Membership

ASLA is the ONE organization that represents all aspects of the Landscape Architecture profession. Our profession is at the core of the environmental design network. As landscape architects we are uniquely positioned to provide meaningful dialog with all design disciplines, policy makers, and the general public about evidence-based good design practices, sustainability, environmental impacts and social responsibility. We have been, and will remain to be that ONE voice.

Be part of the ONE. Join ASLA to:

1. Increase Awareness of the Profession. This year, ASLA San Diego has launched an extensive public relations campaign. Our new ASLA SD website is being created, and its marketing efforts will introduce prospective consumers to a full palette of membership skills and expertise. By joining ASLA, this resource will be at your fingertips.

2. Protect and Enhance the Integrity of the Profession. Across the country, ASLA and its members are at the forefront of successful efforts to maintain and improve professional state licensing laws. Because of the diligent efforts of ASLA and its members, 46 states now have licensing laws. In addition, the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board ensures the quality of degree-granting programs and provides the profession with essential standards of credibility. Finally, ASLA successfully lobbied to create an appropriate professional sector for our members in the Federal Industrial Classification System. This distinct classification for landscape architects will open up opportunities for you to compete for a larger piece of the pie of federal, state, and municipal contracts and programs.

3. Protect the Environment. At the national and local level, ASLA and its members are at the forefront of efforts to increase respect for the land and our natural environment particularly on issues of prudent land use and planning, sustainable development, waste and water management, recreation, and land reclamation. Through efforts by ASLA, landscape architects are now recognized as experts; their knowledge and skills are often called upon by other organizations with common goals and ideals.

By becoming a member of ASLA, you’ll join over 18,000 other landscape architecture professionals - throughout all 50 U.S. states, U.S. territories, and 68 countries around the world!

There are eight different member types Full Member, Associate Member, Affiliate Member, Student Member, Student Affiliate Member, Free Associate Member, International Member or Corporate Member.

Don’t delay! Join today at

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Cultivating Support from New Members

By Kristen Koehrn, Emerging Professionals Committee

Reaching the halfway point of 2014 with great progress, the emerging professionals are looking forward to an exciting summer.

In May, members got to know Interior Designers and Architects with interactive icebreaker games at the popular social mixer event with the ASID and AIA. Because of the event’s positive impact on attendees, we will be hosting another interdisciplinary mixer event with the ASID and AIA on July 31 at PIRCH in La Jolla.

Bi-monthly meetings coupled with monthly MeetUp events hosted by the Social Activities group have established a supportive group of new members along with a volunteer base that will continue to make our local chapter strong.

The EPC is keeping a pulse on our newest members with a survey that polled interest in a mentorship program along with feedback on our member-driven LARE study group sessions. A few items to keep an eye out for in the coming months are these survey results, seminars from the Landscape Architects Technical Committee and California Architects Board, and the emergence of a student exposition/ design award.

Stay Out of Hot Water with ASLA Emerging Professionals

Join the ASLA and AIA Emerging Professionals on July 24 at noon for a workshop entitled “Staying Out of Hot Water.” This event will feature a California Architects Board Workshop with an Overview of the Architect’s Practice Act. Mark your calendar for Thursday, July 24, at noon. The event will be held at the AIA San Diego office, 233 A Street, Suite 200, San Diego.

This is an ASLA and AIA Members Only Event. Please RSVP by July 10 to ASLA’s Emerging Professionals Group Chair, Michael Watts -

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Design Professionals Mixer: AIA/ASLA/ASID Members at PIRCH

Join AIA, ASLA and ASID members on Thursday, July 31, from 5:30-8:00 p.m. for an evening of networking and orientation at the exciting new PIRCH showroom - located in the Westfield UTC shopping center at 4545 La Jolla Village Drive (west of Sears Auto) in San Diego.

Savor special items created by the PIRCH culinary team. Enjoy a selection of beverages that complement the great food. Prepare to be wowed by the amazing collection of kitchen, bath, laundry and outdoor appliances and equipment on display in one of San Diego’s finest galleries.

Attendees will be offered private, behind-the-scenes tours of the facility led by senior staff as well as an opportunity to mingle with colleagues and new professional contacts. Don’t miss this chance to experience San Diego’s newest resource for the design community.

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Giving Back to Your Industry

This summer, the San Diego Chapter is seeking members who are willing to dip their toe into leading this great organization or at least are wondering what the Board does and how they can help. If you have been a part of the social events (MeetUps, Annual Kickoff and assorted other events), you’ll notice that the Chapter wants to help you network with both peers and others in the design industry. We don’t nickel and dime you to attend the events because 1) the economy hasn’t fully recovered, 2) you have paid your dues which shows you care about your industry and this organization, and 3) we have amazing support from industry sponsors who help underwrite most every event you attend.

So, take a look at the Nominations Form available for download HERE, and think about the ways you can strengthen your profession by serving on the ASLA San Diego Board of Directors. If it’s too soon to jump fully into a position, consider helping the current Board organize this year’s golf tournament, fall lecture or design awards program.

We need your ideas and energy to keep this great Chapter moving forward. Contact us at if you have any questions regarding the various Board positions that are open for nomination.

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Events Continue to Grow in Popularity

By Tim Smith, ASLA

If you have been attending and participating in the educational events put on by the Stewardship Committee, you know that they have been filled with very useful information that can be applied to your design or construction projects immediately. If you have not been attending, we invite you to join us.

Our last event, held in March, had experts speaking about their industry’s involvement in creating or maintaining bio-retention basins. One example of the benefits of this discussion was shown in an email I received from a civil engineer who attended the event. He wrote:

“Thanks for the invite to the Seminar. I did learn some useful things. It is clear to me that as Civil Engineers we should be requiring on our plans that the soil placed in bioretention basins be specified by the Landscape Architect.”

I believe that this is a good testimony that these events are not only educating a variety of disciplines, including LA’s, but are also promoting the value of landscape architects by showing the great breadth of knowledge we can bring to a project if given the opportunity to share it. These talks have been successful in part due to the speakers, but also because of the questions, comments and attendance of our audiences.

The Stewardship Committee is now working on the next major event to be held in October and potential webinar events that will make some topics more accessible. Topics we are considering for the October event include, “Monitoring and Long Term Maintenance of Bio-Retention Basins,” “Firescaping in Urban Open Space” and “Urban Forest – Street Trees.” Each of these topics will be of interest to a variety of disciplines with which landscape architects work, including agencies. If you have topics you would like us to present, please let me know. Your topic could be something that is presented in a webinar or a major event, which occur two times per year.

We would like to express our gratitude to Jim Kuhlken of Rick Engineering, Garn Wallace of Wallace Labs, Craig Kolodge of Filtrexx, Mike Klaerich from Green Meadow Growers and Chris Cutler from Steven Smith Landscape, Inc. for speaking at the Bio-Swales and Bio-Retention event.

If you have any questions regarding these events or want to know more about the Stewardship Committee, please do not hesitate to call me at 858-513-0030 or email at

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August 1: 2015 Community Grant Application Deadline

If you’ve ever worked with community based organizations run by volunteers, you know they are dedicated to improving their communities, our regional environment and quality of life. Many have to work on small low-cost projects due to lack of funding. Some have the capacity to apply for local grants if they have a clear vision of a “shovel ready” project that can be completed within a year and have plans to complete these projects in their neighborhoods.

If you know of groups that need the additional funds to start and finish a worthwhile project in 2015 while also promoting the visibility of landscape architecture in their neighborhoods, please take the time to forward them a copy of the ASLA Community Grant Application. The application is located HERE, and a word version of the application can be requested by email at The application asks for endorsement letters and proof that the organization has been in existence for at least three years. Completed applications are due August 1.

We encourage you to work with the groups you recommend to help them know the value of working with professional landscape architects.

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Registration Opens for 2014 ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo in Denver

It’s not too early to mark November 21-24 on your calendar. That’s when more than 5,000 landscape architecture professionals and students will gather in Denver for the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Annual Meeting and EXPO.

The theme of the meeting-”Resilience”- is inherent to how landscape architects are wired, says ASLA President Mark Focht, FASLA, in his invitation to the meeting. “Landscape architects work with the land and nature, not against it. Our profession and the Society have shown resiliency through the past few difficult years. Much like Colorado’s beloved Aspen groves, which are strengthened by devastating forest fires and survive avalanches, our professional roots are interconnected and we are emerging stronger than ever.”

More than 130 education sessions, field sessions, workshops, and general sessions will be offered throughout the meeting, offering attendees the opportunity to earn up to 21 professional development hours under the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System.

The EXPO-the largest trade show in the industry-will feature nearly 500 exhibitors offering thousands of new products, services, technology applications, and design solutions-all under one roof.
Learn more about the meeting programs and events at

Friday, November 21, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Denver offers a broad range of distinct and iconic Modernist properties. Join TCLF for a daylong excursion that will include a festive luncheon and tours of regional Modernist Gems by Dan Kiley, Lawrence Halprin, and Garrett Eckbo.
Friday, November 21, 5:15 - 7:15 pm
Join your fellow Professional Practice Network (PPN) members in person to make connections and discuss with friends and colleagues how they are contributing to the landscape architecture profession.
Friday, November 21, 7:00 – 10:30 pm
Join the Landscape Architecture Foundation for a lively evening including fine local food and an open bar.
Saturday, November 22, 8:00 - 11:00 pm
The best of the Alumni Tailgate and the Gala have been combined for a Saturday evening event celebrating the local food movement.
Sunday, November 23, 7:00 pm
An elegant evening honoring the newest members of the ASLA Council of Fellows.
Monday, November 24, 7:00 - 8:30 am
A morning walk through Civic Center Park and the Golden Triangle, beginning with a walk down Denver’s “Ambassador Street” towards Civic Center Park.
Monday, November 24, 12 Noon
The ASLA Professional Awards program honors the best in landscape architecture from around the globe, while the Student Awards program gives us a glimpse of the future of the profession.
Monday, November 24, 7:00 pm
Enjoy an extraordinary evening as we pay tribute to the distinguished recipients of ASLA’s highest honors: The ASLA Medal, The ASLA Design Medal, The Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal, The LaGasse Medals, The Medal of Excellence, The Olmsted Medal, The Landscape Architecture Firm Award, The Community Service Award, and the President’s Medal.

Learn more about the meeting programs and events at

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Calling All Volunteers!

What makes a great active ASLA Chapter is the people who volunteer! Even if you only have a couple of hours a month to give, the Chapter has an opportunity for you. If something looks appealing, please contact Tracy Hollingworth at (619) 225-8155 or, or the Chairperson for the Committee.

Volunteer Today! From mandatory water conservation requirements, stormwater runoff regulations, sustainable business practices, coordinating LARE review sessions and working with allied industries, the Chapter could use a hand to address the issues and produce programs of interest to the membership. If you can lend a hand, email us at Click Here

SD/ASLA Annual Golf Tournament Committee
The committee is in the planning stages and needs your help. Please contact Tracy Hollingworth at (619) 283-8818 to assist.

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LARE Review Update

Please visit the CLARB website for more information on the 2012 changes to the LARE examination. For a direct link to the changes, click HERE. For more information on becoming a candidate or the exam process, click HERE. If you would like to join a study group for the LARE, please contact Maria Swift, VP of Programs Education,

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